Whether you choose a Caribbean Resort or a European Honeymoon getaway, there is one thing all newlyweds can count on when planning for their honeymoon - the cost.

We, at have gathered a handful of Honeymoon packages that are affordable, romantic and fun; there's something for everyone. Whether you want the luxury, ease and convenience of the All Inclusive Resorts to the Caribbean or a European getaway we can help you find something that fits your budget. Our agents will put together that Honeymoon getaway for you at a cheap rate to suit that budget. If you want some ideas, call us and tell us when you would like to go and we will put together a special honeymoon package for you without breaking your bank!!


If you have a destination in mind, take time to research that destination; call our office and ask for one of our agents. We will give you a quote and help you with your reservation. The most popular Honeymoon destinations are Couples resorts, Sandals, Secrets, Dreams, Excellence resorts, and a few others. We offer them all at discounted rates!! We recommend Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), any of the All Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica, or Mexico. If you are looking to fly to Europe we offer incredible honeymoon packages to Italy!! Ask one of our Honeymoon specialists for information.

We also recommend other luxury small boutique resorts that we ourselves have experienced or researched. For those of you that would prefer something other than an all inclusive resort let us know, and we can help you think outside of that "All Inclusive Honeymoon box". You choose the location and will get you a quote. We can also recommend a small hotel at that destination and give you a small orientation. Bed and Breakfasts, along with small seaside hotels in places like Tulum, Mexico are most popular amongst honeymooners looking to get away from the so called "Honeymoon Resorts", and are a great alternative to posh hotels. But of course, it is all up to you, and what you would like to do for your special getaway as husband and wife for the first time.


Summer is the peak travel season and the time when most just-married couples plan to spend a few weeks lounging along the white sand beaches of the Caribbean.

Do some research on flights or simply call us and we can educate you on off season and peak season travel. We know June is a busy month for weddings so we have pre-selected resorts in the Caribbean to accommodate honeymooners at excellent rates!!


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